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Green Card / Family Based Immigration

Family-based immigration is the primary basis for legal immigration to the United States. Majority of legal permanent residents obtained their green card through a spouse or other family member. US citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents may petition for their family members in the US or abroad for an immigrant visa and a “green card.” US citizens are allowed to petition for their parents, spouses, children and siblings. Lawful permanent residents may petition for their spouses and unmarried children.


Since there are so many different ways to apply, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, or “immigration” as they’re simply known to immigrants) provide certain processing times that vary by preference category.


Take the first step


You’re here for a reason – your family is important to you.


You want to help them become permanent residents.


It seems like the law is changing every day – you’re not sure how to handle this on your own.


With so much at stake, guessing is not the way to find the best solution.


Your efforts to bring or keep your family and loved ones together can be broken before they really get off the ground. Misfilings, mishaps, and missteps on immigrant relative petitions can lead to long delays, increased costs, or worse. What if it leads to a denial?


Naturally, you’re concerned about the possible consequences.


You’re afraid to make mistakes which might harm your family members or loved ones.


Making immigration decisions that impact your family based on fear is the worst thing you can do.


That’s where our experience in handling family-based immigration petitions comes in. Our firm is fully aware to the fact that every case is someone’s life. We are an office of immigrants, and because we’ve been in your shoes, we treat each client and their case as if they were part of our family.


We can help you figure out which relatives you can help – and which ones you cannot help.


There are two categories of family visa petitioners. Some sponsors are U. S. citizens. Others are lawful permanent residents.


A U.S. citizen can “open the door”, or apply, for four different types of relatives: 


  • Spouse;
  • Children;
  • Parents;
  • Brothers/Sisters.


On the other hand, a lawful resident can only help two different sets of relatives:


  • Spouse;
  • Children, Unmarried.


Importantly, what family members you can sponsor for green cards affects which applications to submit, and how fast their applications will move through the immigration process.


Ready to file a visa petition for a family member?

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